Yoga Team

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Yoga Team front-end website design

Over the years graphic design for Yoga Team Yoga Team has been varied, it’s included expanding the brand by designing the front-end of their desktop website. There was no desktop booking possible prior to this so it was key to the business. The design included Yoga Team offer both the expertise of top yoga teachers with customised booking software, which … Read More


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GoodPeople report design, digital and print

  Creating graphic design for GoodPeople felt rewarding because they deliver transformative work. They help to build community-driven solutions and match people with opportunity. In this project they commissioned me to design a 70+ page report ‘A Better Working Future for Ex-Service Personnel’. I enjoyed the challenge of organising all the details and finding an approach that solved specific needs. … Read More


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Graphic Design portfolio: WHAG Leaflet

  As it was for a small charity, I found my graphic design project for WHAG meaningful as they help vulnerable people to rebuild their lives. For instance, WHAG offers support for women who are homeless or who are at risk of this. Importantly, they also support men, women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. The charity was originally … Read More

Whizz Pop Bang Magazine

Cat Quinney Print

Whizz Pop Bang magazine design

  For 8 consecutive issues, I created fun graphic design for Whizz Pop Bang magazine. As a fun science magazine for kids aged 6-11 years, it was bright and colourful. During this work, I designed News, Interview, Quiz, How Stuff Works. Added to this I created a centre Pull-out with double-sided working with the illustrators’ work. This was a great … Read More

The Little Leather Factory

Cat Quinney Logo & Brand, Print

The Little Leather Factory logo design

  The Little Leather Factory design meant a creative challenge to rebrand their company. I brought their identity in line with their values. Similarly, I designed a logo to attract designers and small boutiques. They wanted to appeal to them to produce goods with them. Importantly it meant conveying that their artisan craftspeople care as much about the product as … Read More


Cat Quinney Logo & Brand, Print

KnowledgePoint business brochure and business card design in an expo in siteu

  A large company, KnowledgePoint serves the learning sector. That is to say they offer print, digital and channel services. For instance I created a rectangular shape for layout designs. During the same project I developed the type styles. Secondly I designed a range of business cards. After all the client combined my pieces in their exhibition stand (third party). In … Read More

City of London Corporation

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City of London, The Lord Mayo's Dragon Awards 2019 finalists pamphlet

  See my City of London Corporation graphic design work. My work includes The Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards. For instance I designed the awards brochure over three years. Importantly I kept an eye on schedules. Likewise I thoroughly checked artwork for print. Secondly I designed certificates for nominees and winners for the event stage. Businesses from the city and the … Read More

Nurture Magazine

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Portland Hospital Nurture magazine

  My Nurture magazine design involved laying out feature designs for this parenting magazine. It was created especially for patients and parents at The Portland Hospital, a private hospital in London. Evolving the magazine design style, I designed for more than three issues. I kept an eye on consistency, thought about the clientele and how to visually communicate in a … Read More

Silver Lined Horizons

Cat Quinney Large Format & Packaging, Logo & Brand, Print, Web Design

Silver Lined Horizons, Young Commissioner poster design

  My Silver Lined Horizons design work has been actively going a few years now. As a youth engagement company, it’s always fun to develop their main brand and communications across their two main audiences. These are young people as well as teams in organisations who want to learn from the next generation. I’ve worked with Frankiee and Natasha with … Read More

Trees for Cities

Cat Quinney Infographics, Print

Trees for Cities Annual Report design 2018-2019

  Trees for Cities graphic design work I am very proud of. The team work with neighbourhoods and bring about lasting change. What’s more, they get people excited about growing and eating healthy food. Firstly I started out planting trees as a volunteer in 2007. Later I was asked to design stationery and work on a new initiative. It was … Read More