Rock Bakehouse

Cat Quinney Packaging, Print

Rock Bakehouse oven mitt design

Brief and answer: Extend the Rock bakehouse brand with designs on merchandise like tea towels, aprons, greeting cards and oven gloves. I ensure the vision is produced to a high standard, each addition to the collections works as part of the collection whilst having its own unique variation. I initiated the Kitchen Conversions upside-down ingredients for use when baking too, … Read More

Original Funky Mailing Co.

Cat Quinney Large Format, Print

Original Funky Mailing Bag Co. sales sheet and order form

Brief and answer: To design various items including an order form, a brochure, plus an FSDU standing unit and a counter CDU unit for Swifty Studios’ client and follow through their vibrant funky branding for each different type of product. These are my Photoshop visuals from the mock-up stage before creating the flat artwork. The main challenge for the display … Read More


Cat Quinney Large Format, Print

Hobgoblin Bringing Taste to the Nation tour bus vinyl graphics wall on main room

Taking bird’s-eye-view bus plans, we really pushed customisation beyond in order to create a wooded immersive environment inside the van, we ‘brought Wychwood’ to the UK, using the leafy visuals and stock imagery I sourced especially to fit the van’s spec, this required very large files and lots of mock up visuals. We definitely pushed the boat out to get … Read More

Universe Gym

Cat Quinney Large Format, Logo & Brand, Print

Universe Gym logo mocked up

Brief and answer: I was commissioned to design an identity to represent an upmarket gym by a private golf course in Spain called Universe Gym. The client was keen to represent Atlas and his shoulders and strength. I opted for showing this through shadow and incorporate an arc to form a circular shape around the logotype, there is a secondary … Read More

Rent a Dinosaur

Cat Quinney Front-end Web Design, Large Format, Logo & Brand, Print

Rent a Dinosaur logo mock up

Brief and answer: Rent A Dinosaur started up in Dec 2015 and has come on jurassic-sized leaps and bounds. They offer the most realistic animatronic dinosaur experience in the UK, along with other dinosaur puppets and educational talks with fossil replicas. I’ve felt so lucky to be picked to be involved having designed the initial branding for launch and various … Read More

Lorna Fine Custom Cards

Cat Quinney Front-end Web Design, Logo & Brand, Print

Lorna Fine Custom Cards logo mock up

Brief and answer: Design a fresh logo for Lorna Fine Custom Cards to represent an established hand-made card designer reaching out to a wider audience, establishing the name as part of the brief. It should ensure the maker is put at the forefront, be clear and modern yet include a hint of the lacy-aspect of her intricate designs, and also … Read More


Cat Quinney Logo & Brand, Print

Petroa logo

Brief and answer: Create an identity for new global search firm Petroa, specialising in recruitment for energy industries. To create a feel for the premium end of the market, avoid ‘heritage’ cues. Key words: expert, has integrity, honest, reliable, modern, personal, high-value, bespoke care. I chose a sans serif for a confident, high-end modern feel. The chosen logo design works … Read More